Monday, October 29, 2012

halloween costume

Ms. Swan, Maverick, Akuma and Ken

remember when i contemplated the potential of my future self resembling Ms. Swan? well i made that the inspiration for this year's Halloween costume. we've seen little Ms. Swan and Ms. Swan herself on MADtv. but what might she look like if she were younger? she might wear a more fitting dress sans giant puffy sleeves and surely her hair would be dark. but her sense of style would likely still be lacking. 

i went out on friday night and pretty much nobody had any idea who i was until i told them. and even then some people had no idea who Ms. Swan was. only one person successfully guessed and she had to think about it throughout the night before the lightbulb turned on. oh well! at least i wasn't something generic like sexy cat. or sexy bunny. or sexy whateverthehellelseisgeneric. 

that stupid smile smirk she makes is really hard to do without laughing. i was pretty unsuccessful in executing it.

after years of battling with fireballs and hurricane kicks, Akuma and Ken have resorted to sword fighting in their older age.

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