Thursday, November 8, 2012


Gialina is my favorite place for artisanal pizzas in San Francisco. they use what is in season and the food is pretty simple. you know how with thin pizzas sometimes you pick it up and it flops all over the place, spilling the contents of the top layer back onto the pizza tray? theirs aren't like that. they're more crisp on the bottom, nearly cracker-like. so if you like that then, you'll like Gialina.

 fortunately for me (and unfortunately for my waistline) they've got a sister restaurant called Ragazza a few blocks away from my work that is equally as good. if you find yourself in need of a good thin pizza, i recommend these two places.

please excuse these pictures. they were taken with my phone. 
a salad with persimmon, pear and gorgonzola
good, but easily made at home. nothing stunning about this dish. 

pork belly with chard and polenta
this dish completely reminded me of a chinese dish that has braised porkbelly with pickled mustard greens (one of my favorites!). they did something with the chard that gave it a really asian flavor.

heirloom tomato pizza with bacon, arugula, basil and mozzarella 
like a really good blt. the heirlooms were so sweet and full of flavor

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