Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Park Tavern

per my Yelp review.....

I truly wanted to love Park Tavern because it's by the same people as Marlowe and I had a great experience there. at Park Tavern the ambiance is pleasant, the service is great and I could imagine how fantastic the food could taste....if it weren't so damn salty!!!

Now, I love salt. In fact I can sit and eat a bowl of rice sprinkled with just salt and be a happy camper. But the intense amount of sodium I experienced at Park Tavern the other night was unbearable. We started with the duck liver mousse, which was very good, however we noticed it was quite salty. We moved on to the persimmon, buratta and coppa salad which was excellently balanced and quite refreshing. At this point the food seemed quite promising. Then came the lobster bisque and the steak tartare and both dishes were insanely over seasoned. By the time we were done eating I felt as though I'd been licking a salt block like a farm animal might. I'm not over exaggerating when I say that I could actually feel my blood pressure rising by the end of our meal! It was pretty unbearable. I was even fearful that dessert might be salty and we agreed that we wouldn't order any dessert described having "sea salt" or "fleur de sel." We ended up just skipping dessert due to our fear and left the restaurant with disappointment. Had the food not made me want to immediately drown myself with a gallon of water, I would have recommended it, absolutely. But I can't see myself returning if the food remains a salt bomb.

duck liver mousse with apple compote. served with grilled bread. not gamy and quite good if you disregard the saltiness.

persimmon with burrata and coppa. 
refreshing. light. a very well balanced dish.

lobster bisque with pastry puff
not quite what i expected. what i had in mind was the big puff pastry that is baked over the whole bowl, much like a pot pie. when i saw this my excitement depleted. then when i tasted it and it basically tasted like sea water with lobster, i was disappointed. at this point i could just imagine the swelling i was going to ensue the next day due to water retention. haha.

beef tartare with quail egg
tell me howwwww you make this overly salty? the beef should stand out on it's own. 


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