Monday, November 26, 2012

this weeks happenings...

-----Leslie came home for a week and i was fortunate enough to spend some time with her. she doesn't get to come home very often as she's busy performing surgeries in Manhattan (the prettiest surgeon, right?) so it is always a nice treat to catch up and hang out. though we don't keep in touch so much while she's away, it's never awkward when she comes back. it's like we never skipped a beat! she was happy to hang with me twice while she was here, so i must be doing something right as a friend! haha!!

brunch with the girls at Plow (Kris and Kim not pictured because i have enough pictures of them and just needed a pic of Leslie because it's rare. just kidding. well sorta. half truth!)

we went and had tea a la the Brits. scones, tea sandwiches and everything.

-----i spent actual Thanksgiving eating dim sum and dinner at the SAME Chinese restaurant. at least i was with family and that's all the holiday is truly about anyhow, so it worked out. but because my family doesn't really partake in traditional Thanksgiving feasting, i was fortunate enough to be a part of a nice little Thanksgiving potluck with the crew on the evening shift at work. we had Honey Baked ham, cornbread and andouille sausage stuffing, roasted rosemary and bacon potatoes, brussel sprouts with bacon, pancetta thyme mac n cheese, and salted caramel apple and pecan cheesecake. twas a better Thanksgiving feast than i could have imagined elsewhere. if there is anything that i am quite thankful for, it's having an awesome work environment with people that make the job fun, work as a team, and who have each other's backs. love ya, work family!

-----as previously stated, i spent Actual Thanksgiving eating all sorts of chinese food. but somewhere in between i got the chance to go on a nice walk/hike with Stefan (remember him? exboyfriend, current friend. it can happen, Kids!)

just hangin' from a tree. and yes, i'm wearing pants! they're hot pink pantaloons, okayyyyy? upon seeing this pic many people thought i was pantless. c'mon, guys! i'm a little more classy than that!

a random couple i saw with their dog. i thought it was a good photo op!

-----we celebrated Tan's birthday at the Warriors game. i say "at" rather than "watching" because i did not watch even one full minute of the game. we had a private suite that had all sorts of food and alcoholic libations to entertain me for the duration of the whole game. oh, and friends were there too of course. 
my awesome coworkers  friends. Lorraine, Lindsay, Edgar, the birthday boy, Natasha, Ruby and myself

the gals

we celebrated both Tan and Neil's bdays

totally loving this game. so much fun!

photobombed with Ciara

Tan and Alaina. he fits right into her pocket! 

in the van towards SF for a night of dancing

Yami and Derrek found us at Harlot

fun times, friends! happy birthday to Tan!

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  1. The pic in the van looks like you might be on a roller coaster ride! Fun post Regina!!