Friday, November 30, 2012

high fives > fake hugs

you ever get that single-armed-side-lean-hug? the one in which Side Hugger ends up squeezing both of your own arms up against yourself and you're left wondering what the hell the point of that was? if you couldn't tell, i'm not so much a fan of that version of the hug. personally, i feel that if you're going to hug someone, you should probably just do it right. face to face, four arms (provided there are four arms, of course. shout out to our Veterans, you're off the hook with this one!) wrapped around torsos, and hey, let's throw in a smile as a requirement too (well, so long as this hug doesn't take place at a funeral, a break up, or some other tragic turn of events). let's rid this half assed version of a hug from existence, hmmm? this, along with the awkwardly-lean-upper-half-of-body-forward-using-both-arms-to-gently-"tap tap tap-"your-back are all a load of crap. they are fake hugs. it's much more gratifying to acknowledge that we're not that great in the Friendship Department and there's no need to share personal space if either party isn't really keen on being close or getting closer. if you and i are not friendly enough to hug it out genuine style, then howsabout we just high five?

*there are exceptions to this of course. an awkward side-lean-hug while both people are in the front seats of a car saying goodbye after having shared dinner or what have you isn't actually awkward because that person is likely your actual friend and they know you mean nothing but love. in that case space restraint is the only issue, not fakeness.

*just in case anybody is nosy, this post isn't really based on any one person specific interaction, it's just an observation. 

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