Sunday, July 28, 2013

what i value the most

everybody has their own worth value system and it's based on what makes their world go 'round. attaining what in life holds most importance to each person equates to what makes their life feel complete. for some people it's their health, for others it's meeting career goals, for some it's perfecting their appearance, and for another it's reaching a certain status. of course no one single thing could make anybody's life complete, but i'm here to talk about what is at the very top of my value system.

sure, i need security and stability in that i have adequate shelter, food and protection. i prefer these things to be  substantial, but i wouldn't falter too much in life if i have just the bare necessities. yes, i'd love to be able to take vacations and enjoy some of the finer things in life. those things certainly enhance the pleasurable side of life. true, having a job that feels fulfilling and meaningful in the scheme of the world makes me feel like i have a positive purpose in this lifetime. but what really matters most to me at the end of every day is that the people i care about know that i care about them and that i know the feeling is mutual.

for me to feel good about the person that i am, at the tip top of my hypothetical list of Things I Need To Achieve In Life, #1 is that the people i care about know i care about them and i know that they care about me just the same. this is of utmost importance to my world. this makes my world go 'round. if the people who i truly value in my life don't know that i care deeply about them, then what am i worth? if i don't share that i think these people are the greatest aspects of my life, how can i expect to be of value in theirs? friendships and any relationships (be it family, friends, lovers or partners in crime) with people are a two way street. i cannot  will not put my efforts into people who don't share a similar mindset. please do not twist my words and think that i mean that i need to be the most important person in the lives of those i care about. this is not the case. i just need to know that if i care about you, you also care about me.

i feel like i've done a decent job of this in my life so far. i'm positive that those that i really love and care about are fully aware that i feel this way about them. whether it's in outright telling them how awesome they are, keeping them in my thoughts, dropping anything to be there for them, or being a part of their support, laughter and sanity. so long as the people i surround myself with know i care and they care too, then i know my value.

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