Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dan & Tina's wedding weekend!

this weekend i had the honor of attending the wedding of Dan and Tina (my new friends, Chris' friends from college) in beautiful St. Helena. i've only met the happy couple a handful of times but i can easily see that they are the type of people i want to hang around with. they're easy going, fun and don't take life too seriously. and judging by the festivities that preceded and followed their big day, they're all about good eats. and we all know that my life practically revolves around scrumptiousness so we're on the same page in that regard. their wedding was beautiful, relaxed and delicious.

 the day before the wedding a bunch of us had lunch at addendum for fried chicken goodness.

then went sparkling wine tasting at Domain Chandon

 rehearsal dinner at Pizzeria Tra Vigne 
Chris was a groomsman so i was invited to partake in the rehearsal dinner. pizza and new friends? i opt for 'yes please!'

the groomsmen with their awesome name engraved decanters.
Phil, Dan (man of the weekend), Ben, Chris, Brian

found a chinese guy to hang out with. 
my coworkers saw this picture and thought i wore white to a wedding. no, assholes! i may be a little crass here and there but i know the rules, mmmkay? i would never wear white to a wedding! rude! 

Betzy, my weekend buddy
we shared a room with Betzy and Brian for the weekend. both of our boyfriends were a part of the wedding so while they got ready and had lunch with the fellas, we spent the day having lunch in town and getting ready ourselves. she was also my date for the ceremony portion. what a pretty doctor she is, huh!?!

the best "guestbook" ever. 

the typical and literal guest book is a thing of the past. i've seen thumbprint trees and trees with hanging ornaments, among other versions of well wishes and congratulations for the bride and groom. this is one of the more inventive and awesome ones i've seen, especially because it highlights California, which we all know is the best state of all time (yep, i live in that bubble)!

checkin' out his gorgeous bride

alas we see the beautiful bride!

my guy

now checkin out his official wife!

paparazzi entrance for these two. 

Dan, in the moment he mastered the Vietnamese language. i can't remember what he said to Tina's parents but it was pretty impressive and definitely unexpected. 

told you they appreciate food! short ribs, heirloom tomato caprese salad and tiramisu for dinner. best wedding food i've had to date. 


oh, lemme get that cake off your face. 

tequila and lime shooters with  the newlyweds

please excuse my t-rex arm. 

i thought he was my Chinese but i guess he had his eyes on someone else. 

fun! though i'm pretty sure traditionally the groom carries the bride. 

Cuban cigars for the groom/smen. the last hurrah before we left the weekend festivities behind. 

Dan and Tina: fun times, friends! i hope that i'll be able to see you two more often and get to really know you guys well. any time you're in or around the Bay Area, let me know and we can grub on something spectacular (we don't need Chris either. i can get down on some deliciousness any time)! i hope you two are enjoying your European excursion and eat as many croissants and as much foie gras your tummies can handle. not to mention pastas and pizza! thank you for inviting me to your wedding and congratulations! 


  1. FYI. I knew you were wearing mint the entire time! You looked beautiful! And the wedding looked amazing! Congrats to the newlyweds!!

  2. great recap! glad we were able to hang out this weekend, and hopefully we'll be able to have some more foodventures in the future