Wednesday, January 22, 2014

belated secret santa

christmas is about family and at work we've built a little dysfunctional family of our own. finding time where everybody can meet up in the evening is difficult due to varying work shifts but we make it happen for fun nights like this. it builds up the camaraderie of our work environment and allows us to truly get to know each other and care about each others lives outside of work. we had a suuuuper belated secret santa at a japanese restaurant of all places yesterday. i'm fairly certain the servers were confused and probably thought we were a bunch of geeks but judging from the pictures, i'm sure you can tell that we didn't care too much. 

i rocked a borrowed vest from a friend and added to the festivity of it by bringing out the red pants and green shirt. i decided to continue with the ugly theme and throw my hair up too because if you're going to look stupid, you may as well look stuuuuuupid. 

i think we all agreed that Tan won for best ugly sweater. bedazzled snowmen on hot right now. 

you know that scene in Elf where Buddy the "elf" is sitting on his dad's lap and in comparison he's enormous? somehow this picture turned out so that i look like a giant on these two. haha.

matchy matchy!

she keeps it 'classy as f*ck'

lookin a little elderly there...

women's XL

not quite a bow but we'll take it. ruby's husband made her that sweater AND wrapped and drew on the gift. what a keeper!

part of Muri's gift. i won't go into detail about the story book i made her, but let's just say it got a lot of laughs. 

ass things and mouth things for Ron. hmm what does that say?

mouth guard because she grinds her teeth at night

hahaha!! he now he needs to get a matching pair for Kingston, his beloved pup. 


fun time, friends!! love you all!

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