Wednesday, January 1, 2014

dear Reg...

dear Reg,

what a weird year for you, huh? this year was sort of like a roller coaster. the first thing you do is start the climb and before you know it you're at the top. this is the exciting and fun part. then suddenly you find yourself in a fast decline where you're unsure, worried and vulnerable. but eventually the speed and scariness slows down and tapers off to a place where you find your balance again and can gather yourself before hopping off the ride. thank god you've finally ended the roller coaster and are ready for the next ride. what a long, exhausting year for you.

you started the year off falling rapidly in love. it was awesome and everything you could ask for. you thought it was a sure thing and damn did it feel pretty fucking real...but then it wasn't. and as quickly as it began, it just as suddenly ended. it taught you that you should never be too sure of yourself. a solid lesson in humility and vulnerability. that was not a fun time. you never can anticipate dark moments and when they come with no warning, they are that much harder to crawl out of. but you leaned on many shoulders and welcomed warm words. you allowed your human side to make it's grande entrance, strengthening already sturdy friendships and infinitely increasing bonds. for that, you can't argue that nothing positive came out of that experience and life lesson.

in the interim back into feeling like yourself again, you did some cool things though. high fives to you for remaining awesome and not letting feeling shitty allow yourself to forget about the important things in life such as your friends, family and experiencing all the good things life has to offer. you kick a lot of ass for that, y'know. you celebrated love at Eva and Jared's wedding and also went to Hawaii for Augs and Zye's wedding. the first few days in Hawaii were spent by yourself until people arrived for wedding festivities, which was a great experience. you learn a lot about yourself when you're flying solo. you also swam with sharks! well...sorta. you cage dived with sharks, which is still pretty damn awesome and one of the best things you've ever done. towards the end of the year you checked one off the list by going on safari in Kenya. it started off semi-bold as your intention was to go by yourself, isolated from the comforts of friends and communication by phone/internet but you made fast friends with some cool people right off the bat so that went out the window. what a crazy amazing trip that was, huh? a completely different world than any you've already experienced. on your way back you got to spend some quality time with one of your oldest friends in New York. there, you finally got to complete your goal of dining at all of the Thomas Keller restaurants with a delectable meal at Per Se.

but let's not forget about some great moments earlier in the year too. after five long years you and The Divas revisited San Diego for a weekend of laughs and memories. it's never not a fun time with those girls. oh and how about the end of prop 8 and DOMA? about time, California! and a step in the right direction, America! and we can't recap a whole year without the mention of our annual Flag Day feast. this year it was at Saison and it was worth every pretty little penny for a spectacular Flag Day #5.

so it's the end of a quite emotional year. you're ready for 2014 to bring on whatever it has in store for you. whatever that may be, you will never lose sight of those that matter to you. your friends and family are your everything and it was important for you to show them that because at the end of the day you'll only be remembered for what type of person you were, not what you've accomplished. you turned thirty and took that as an opportunity to treat your favorite people to a night of delicious eats, libations and laughter. to thank them for their friendship and to say "thanks for being the shit." let's call it a celebration of friendship, hmm? it was an awesome last hurrah to 2013.

but to be honest, Twenty Thirteen, i'm done with you. 2014 is here and i can't wait to open my eyes to a new day year. let's see what comes of my first year out of the 20's and into the early(!) 30's!

it's you and me, Kid. keep rockin' life!

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