Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Rich Table

yessssss!!! after hearing people rave about Rich Table over the past couple of years i can finally check it off my list. i made a reservation for three people and invited a couple of random friends to help me indulge in the tasting menu, which the restaurant calls "chef's pick." for $80/person you are served a generous nine course meal. if you are concerned about portion sizes i'll have you know that the second course of the meal is really five mini courses in itself. if your tummy isn't already filling up after that then i imagine you are massive human being. i held my expectations pretty high for this place based on all of the hype about the sardine chips and the dried porcini doughnuts and i'm happy to report that my expectations were absolutely met. 

1st course. oysters. pomegranate. chive.
i don't even like oysters but the texture from the pomegranate seeds made the sliminess of the oysters bearable and i actually thoroughly enjoyed these. i could've probably slurped down twenty of these little guys.

2nd course layout

hmm i can't remember what these were but they weren't my favorite so let's just push them to the side.

dried porcini doughnuts with fondue
best thing i had all night. light, chewy, not greasy and super savory. if i were by myself eating these they'd probably put me in a trance but alas, i had to continue conversation like a normal person.

chicken liver mousse. fried onions, raisins.
great mousse. sometimes chicken liver gets this sort of gamy flavor to it but not this one. smooth, creamy, salty and sweet. all good things.

dirty hippy. wheatgrass. popcorn. seeds.
not my favorite thing but i can definitely appreciate it. it had a super earthy taste to it (clearly, right?? almost grassy) and was nice and creamy with tons of crunch and texture.

sardine chips
one of their signature small plates. if you like sardines then this is clearly for you. i'm sort of neutral about sardines but enjoyed these chips. the creamy sauce balanced out the saltiness of the chips. 

cured mackerel. pink lady apples.

tagliatellie. uni butter. bergamot. 
perfect al dente cooked pasta with luscious uni butter and slight bitter, citrusy bergamot? love!

seared scallop. creamed nettles. mandarin orange. 
scallop cooked just barely enough, paired with a bright mandarin orange. 

new york strip. swiss chard. marinated brussel sprouts.

creamsicle. with sorrel. 
refreshing and light. not overly sweet.

mint chocolate sable. milk ice. mint choc mousse. 
simply just yum. mint is my favorite! 

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