Tuesday, December 24, 2013

why i love sf

1. due to the lack of weather variances, i can pretty much wear the same thing every day for 365 days straight if i felt like nobody would notice the slow deterioration and tattering of my clothing. maybe that's stretching it, but the temperature literally stays within a twenty-ish degree spectrum beginning at 55 degrees F. while visible seasons are beautiful, provided the choice, i'd take year round cool crisp SF air any day.

2. in one day you could lay on the beach (be it cold. oh and you might be pelted by a thousand grains of sand if it's windy), go for a hike among the beautiful Redwoods at Muir Woods, explore city life and little pockets of drastically differing districts, and (if you're extra game) you could drive up to Tahoe for some snow and boarding. what i'm saying is that it's central to a lot of varying terrains.

3. my tummy stays happy with all of the good food and ever changing restaurants. next to New York City, i would say that SF has a pretty competitive restaurant culture. there isn't an ethnic cuisine you can't find in SF or in close proximity and there are an endless number of really great restaurants. from mom & pop sandwich shops to $200 pre fixe meals, you'll never run out of delicious spots to get your grub on. for reference you could scroll up and down this blog or check out my Yelp page.

4. most of SF is chill and accepting of whatever sort of person you care to be. except for Marina folk. they are whack. just kidding (no i'm not)! in line for a free movie viewing there was a guy who looked like he was going to overdose on drugs next to a bunch of Silicon Valley programmers who were browsing the internets. then there were your average asians and some goth-ish people. all of these people coexisting and not minding each other's ways. okay, maybe the guy who looked like he might pass out or OD was a little disturbing, but otherwise it's a pretty be-whoever-you-want-to-be type environment.

5. i heart the random. buffalo in GG Park, the winding portion of Lombard, the famous Painted Ladies (none of which are the Full House house, btw), the creepy Bush Man, Off The Grid's awesome food truck pods with music and deliciousness, Easter day's debauchery Bring Your Own Big Wheel, and Robot Dance Party. the list goes on but i'll leave some for your own discovery.

6. summer days at Dolores Park. the city view from the top of the park. the gays sunbathing in the 'beach' portion. the children laughing in the new playground. stalking other people's dogs because i wish i had one of my own. the too cool for school hipster region where people sit and lunch on cheese and wine bought at Bi-Rite. the tightropers and hula hoopers. the weed truffles guy and the tamale lady (she's O.G. she came before food carts and pop-ups). aaahh Dolores Park, my favorite of all places!

7. the Ferry Building farmers market on thursdays and saturdays because i can't get enough of Roli Roti's porchetta sandwich. but also just the community of people all there for the same reason. and the purveyors who are all knowing and passionate about their goods. and how about the Ferry Building in general? roaming the stores and grabbing lunch there on any given day is one of my favorite things to do.

8. the view from twin peaks! breathtaking day or night. but let's be real... more so at night.

etc, etc, ETC!! i bleed love for SF!

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