Wednesday, December 18, 2013

killing time

we're killing time, right? just keeping it simple and filling space until something more promising comes along. remaining light and uninformed. i don't really know you and you barely know me. i'm definitely on guard. are you? who knows, really. we've never bothered to ask because once the questions start flowing it's harder to continue just killing time. then killing time becomes spending time and i'm not sure that's what i want. and i can't really say that i find interest in what you want. a moment here and there is good enough for now. but if i'm killing time...and you're killing time, then by logic that's a lot of time wasted. and time is a precious thing i typically spend on those who i know well and who equally share their time with me. let's keep it on the surface. or not. because the more time we spend killing time the faster this journey heads towards wasting it. but i suppose in the meantime i'll just ride it out. y'know...kill time.

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