Saturday, December 28, 2013

on birthday gifts and a birthday surprise!

the other day i had a conversation with a coworker friend about birthday gifts. what kinds of gifts you give, whether or not you enjoy opening gifts in front of people, etc. i personally don't like receiving birthday gifts because 1) it feels awkward (this comes from a history of not really celebrating my bday), 2) if it's not a thoughtful gift then i don't really care. the obligatory gift is pointless. 3) i cannot pretend i love a gift that i hate. if i'm uttering "thanks" but my face displays "what the f*ck" then you know where i stand with your present. within our conversation we agreed that we only like giving gifts that are considerate to the person. the best gifts are those that are relatable to the person receiving. for example, this year my friend Adrian gave me a surprise present and i decided to open it in front of people because i know Adrian is a thoughtful person and would never gift something he didn't absolutely know the person would like. and i was right! he got me an old school stove top popcorn maker because i like all things popcorn and also because i was talking about how a bunch of articles say the microwavable ones cause infertility/cancer/etc. sure, people like to shop at Target but don't try to pass off a gift card there as thoughtful unless you have something specific in mind that you're contributing to (ex. last year my friends got me a substantial gift card for William Sonoma with the intention that i buy a kitchenaid stand mixer because they know i love to bake). but theeeee best gifts are those that don't require a lot of money and are just plain thoughtful. and if they can be funny too, then that's just icing on the cake!

a couple days ago i came home to a hallway full of balloons and the doorway of my room lined with strings of "30." Nattypants (my now former roommate. boooo to Edgar for stealing her away to take the next step in your relationship or whatever) rushed home after work to put this together and it was awesome!! when i walked into my room i found a bunch more balloons and attached to them were silly photos of myself that i assume she stole from facebook. this. was. hilarious! it was super unexpected and got me literally laughing for a few minutes. i love stupid cheesy stuff like this so she was on point with this one! this is the kind of gift that you'll remember right? and all it took was a little thought! 

calm down, i'm wearing shorts. this is not an inappropriate photo shoot, mmmkay? 

30's everywhere

thanks Natty! i loooooves it!!

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