Monday, December 30, 2013

secret santa

a bunch of friends and i had our annual secret santa gift exchange at Circa this year over brunch and bottomless mimosas. not a bad way to go. usually we do it at someone's house and it involves a huge potluck. but potlucks and gift wrap mean lots of cleanup. having it at a restaurant ensures pure fun with no mess to pick up afterward. good call on Augs and Zye for picking a private area at Circa to do secret santa this year! i scored exactly what i put on my wish list. cute house slippers and some money towards a ticket to see Book of Mormon. 

alex, bryan, jon, krishan, ceaze, karl, mark, darrell, pat, fern, john
the boyssss

trae, devon, steph, zye, meesh, augs, kris, katcha, muri
the girlssss

the chinese! haha. minus john, so is also one of us.

Jon wanted a boring giftcard to Target so i decided to make it more interesting. i had him follow a series of steps to make it a little more fun. 
1. open first portion and put it on
2. open second portion and pick a friend to join you
3. third portion is for your kid, not you! (it was a small hanging zebra mobile thing)
4. finally, a boring giftcard to Target


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