Sunday, December 29, 2013

afternoon tea at Craftsman & Wolves

one day upon roaming the Mission district i made sure to introduce Eva to Craftsman & Wolves, my favorite modern bakery. while we were there we saw that they had afternoon tea and immediately booked ourselves for a tea and crumpets session for my birthday. i couldn't imagine a better way to spend the afternoon than with one of my favorite people at one of my favorite bakeries with awesome little treats.

this is a cool way to do afternoon tea without having to be in a room where pink threw up and kitsch is unavoidable. you can dress however girly or not you want and share in the experience of tea and crumpets without feeling like you've entered a world of porcelain and creepy dolls. and hey, if your boyfriend is secure in his masculinity maybe he'll be willing to join you for this type of afternoon tea session too! 

the cutest tri-teared display of goodies

the tea selection is sparse but honestly, you come for the baked goods here, not the tea. 

fresh mozzarella, mushroom and fennel sandwich. the cutest little sandwich you ever did see. fromage blanc with honey and lime fried chickpeas. cute and delish. mushroom madeleines. 

vanilla candied citron scones, buckwheat crumpet. the buckwheat crumpet was good! Eva didn't love it but i totally did, especially with the clotted cream and passion fruit curd. 

chocolate marshmallow, pate de fruit (which i never eat) and chocolate praline cremeux with sable. 
cute. sweet little last bites. 

chorizo deviled eggs. light and whipped but deep in chorizo flavor. 

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