Tuesday, December 10, 2013

hearty laughter

have you ever come across someone who's laugh never seems truly genuine? like...this or that is clearly hysterical but their laugh seems contained? this might look like shoulders hunched with a hand clasped over the person's oral region but there is a lack of sound. or a mousy little "hehe" type giggle. it could even just be a series of smirks and slight side mouth curls. i've come across some people who i find never let out a hearty guffaw and it makes me wonder if they are happy people in general. it also makes me wonder if they just think i'm an idiot and don't find me funny. who am i kidding? of course they find me funny! right?.....riiiiiight??  i'm of the belief that nobody should endure life without frequent chuckle-from-the-gut type laughter. it's true that laughter is the greatest medicine. it's also true that laughter burns mad calories. well...i don't know if that's any sort of factual but after a bout of what seems to be never ending 'haha's i definitely feel like my abs have done some work. it's stress relief. it's a way to connect with people. humor is naturally inherent in people. sure it looks different to each being but something has to push that holy-crap-i-might-pee-my-pants-from-all-of-this-hilarity button. a lack of laughter is a lack of happiness. all i'm saying is that people should have a life full of laughter and if that's not currently the case, it's time to start seeking what makes you truly smile and allow yourself to relax, let go, and laugh so heartily that you accidentally snort.

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