Wednesday, January 9, 2013

anytime songs

hi! so i've compiled a short list of songs that i can listen to at any time of day, during any type of mood, and on repeat forever and ever and ever after that. i just love these songs and never tire of them. i like most genres of music, but there are only a few songs that you can listen to when you're elated, upset, excited as well as sorrowful. i would say all of these songs can pretty much be categorized under "easy listening" or "coffee house" music. well, aside from Suzie. that song is a little more upbeat but one that i am in love with. my reason for making this list is because sometimes i get lazy and it's nice that there's an easily accessible list here with links to the videos. so you're very welcome, Self, for doing this for future reference.

Vertical Hoizon- Everything You Want
Muse- Starlight
Lifehouse- All In All
Boy Kill Boy- Suzie
Temper Trap- Sweet Disposition
One Republic- Secrets
One Republic- Good Life
Kings of Leon- Use Somebody
The Shins- Phantom Limb
Coldplay- Lost
Phillip Phillips- Home
Maroon 5- Daylight
Incubus- Stellar
The Fray- Over My Head

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