Monday, January 7, 2013

Sutro Baths

bored this monday, i decided to take the camera out to the Sutro Baths. can you believe this used to be an actual indoor swimming pool? the salt water would run directly into the pools. seeing these ruins reminded me of the ruins in Rome, not that the baths are anything close to being as amazing as Rome and it's history. seeing the aftermath of what once was is awesome. it sort of lets your mind wander and wonder about what it was like to be there at a time when it was functioning. so, take a gander at what i see when i look through a viewfinder. 

i wish i could have taken these with the water looking even smoother but it's really hard to keep your hands still for more than 1/3second. also, people were really not very happy about me blocking the path as i sat in their way, so i was time limited. haha!

once upon a time we used to go here at night and scare each other while we were in the cave. it was NOT a fun time for me. so take a guess at who was the scaree.

 amongst rubble, life goes on

the sun peeking through

pretty rays

the sun twinkles too! it's just a giant star, y'know! there's your science lesson for the day. you're welcome!

the only reason i took this picture because when i saw that this branch was hanging off of the larger tree, i thought "awww, it gave up!" yep, sometimes i associate human feelings/actions to objects or things. like...(this is going to sound like it's coming from a crazy person, but i'm not. i promise!) if i'm stepping on tiles that are checkered and i notice that my right foot always lands on the black one, i eventually skip a step or add a step so that i'll start landing my right foot on the white one. somehow i feel like the world is uneven or i should feel bad for the white ones if they aren't getting an even amount of attention. weird, right? right. but not crazy. 

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