Tuesday, January 1, 2013

thoughts on a year's past

y'know, in all honesty 2012 was a decent year, but the ebb and flow of it all wasn't very drastic. i feel like a lot of it was even keel and as thankful as i am for the many experiences that have been gained, i can't help but wonder why i'm not quite as excited about ending the year on this note. maybe because 2011 ended with a couple of big crashes and being in a confused and humbled place, i anticipated the end of 2012 to be something spectacular and full of only great things. don't get me wrong, i am grateful for the people who remain in my life, the health and well being of my family and friends, the ability to travel, a work environment that i love (and a job that i thoroughly enjoy), amazing foodsperiences (lame word, i know. but it is what it is!), and an overall stability. i am hopeful for a year of exciting experiences to come. maybe i will finally make it to Australia this year. maybe i'll actually become fluent in the language of a DSLR camera and have the ability to take stunning pictures. maybe i'll find love again. maybe things will just continue to be pretty damn good. truthfully, there's nothing i can really complain about. life is grand and i'm thankful every day for the one in which i live. so cheers to 2013! you've got big things in store for me, right, New Year?

highlights of 2012 included:

1. a trip to Florida to see baby Marcelo, followed by that trip to New Orleans, followed by that trip to Cabo for Jeff and Libby's wedding. that was a whirlwind of awesome!

2. the purchase of a new car, cash. that felt good.

3. Annual Flag Day: IV, which included delicious eats at Redd and The Restaurant Meadowood

4. that girls trip to LA for no good reason. i love doing things with no plan sometimes.

5. baking the best thing i've ever made in my life evAr, coconut cream pie. scrumdidilyumptious!

6. eating the most expensive steak ever in life. not sure if i'll ever get the chance to taste that ever again.

7. that trip to Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Macau. a humbling experience. also, an appreciated amount of time i got to spend with my parents.

8. Celebration of Friends, of whom i love dearly.

low points of 2012 included:

1. the ban on foie gras in California. what a travesty for the food scene.

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