Friday, January 18, 2013

with camera in tow

yesterday i was in Golden Gate Park near the Academy of Science and the DeYoung Museum with an hour of time to kill. it was right before dusk, which is perfect timing for bringing the camera out to shoot some pictures. apparently this is because colors aren't washed out by the blazing sun or grayed out by the dark sky. indirect sunlight is best and allows great opportunities for capturing shadowing (not that the following pictures depict that very well). i decided to roam around and take some pictures and ended up with these. 

this was really pretty in person

seeing trees with such an abundance of fall colors in SF is rare. this was striking to me, as it's the only really fiery looking tree i've seen lately

it was hard to get a sharp image of this due to the wind

bike rack


i clearly like to take pictures of things from close up

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