Saturday, January 19, 2013

brush strokes across the sky

yesterday after work i went for a run at the San Andreas Trail up in San Bruno. as i began running, i wondered what the sunset might look like that night. somehow i knew that it was going to be some sort of spectacle but i didn't know that it was going to take my breath away. on the drive home i looked west and saw what looked like pink brush strokes across the sky. i promptly made a u-turn and headed to a viewpoint (Sharp Park Rd) where i am guaranteed the absolute best and unobstructed view of the sunset from any point in the Bay Area (though if anybody happens to know of a better spot, please share). at this viewpoint you see the vast ocean along with miles of sky stretched out before you. and with a sunset like the one we had last night, you should want to see as much of it as possible. thank God i had a dslr with me. i would be so upset if i could only capture this sunset with a phone camera. i stood in the chill of the darkening sky with shorts and a tank top on for about twenty minutes just staring mesmerized by Mother Nature's great wonder. freezing, i hopped back in my car ready to leave twice, only to find myself back outside with a camera. sunsets are beautiful every day but last night's was glorious!

*these were in no way edited. no filters, no photoshop. just straight up Nature's awesomeness!!!

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