Thursday, January 17, 2013

onesies = funsies

in high school my friends and i were a part of a now embarrassing clique that went by the acronym E.A.E. no, i will not be disclosing what those letters stand for. we were young and the things you thought were cool are in no way, shape or form anywhere near cool in your adult life. a couple of years ago our friend, Meiche who lives in Hawaii, had a baby shower and we put together what i thought was the greatest baby shower present ever made. it was a hanging mobile with all of our faces put on a different animal's head so that the baby would be able to recognize us when she see's us. i pretty much thought that we would never top that gift, but this year we came up with something even better for Steph's baby shower! 

a collaboration of clever E.A.E. minds came up with personalized onesies for the little guy to wear once he makes his grande entrance. onesies should be funsies, don't you think? so this was a pretty perfect gift. unfortunately i wasn't able to join in on the creativity but my friends came up with some pretty funny stuff. the one i'm holding up has a picture of a gummy bear and says something along the lines of "Mommy's little Gummy Bear." see, Steph showed us a picture of the first ultrasound and i said that the baby resembled the chewy form of cub. being that we didn't know the sex of the baby, she stuck with calling it her Gummy Bear until she found out that it was a he. one of my favorite onesies has a picture of a gun (Eddie, the dad, is a correctional officer) and says "PROOF: that my dad doesn't shoot blanks" haha!! 

the mama glowing just as pregnant mothers should

EAE, lol! plus Steph's sister, Kim. 
love these girls!! 

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