Sunday, June 3, 2012

154:365 Napa, once again

154:365 Napa, once again

153:365 barrel cave
because i didn't have a day 153 photo. this is a photo i took of the barrel cave at Cade Winery.

on saturday i took a trip to Napa with a bunch of people for wine tasting and good food. i'm not much of a wine drinker, but rarely pass up an opportunity to hang out with people and spend a sunny day out.

susan, Libby, Jeff, Eva, Jared, me, Caroline, Leyen, Lilian and Gary
we first headed to addendum for fried chicken. remember, i recently went to Napa specifically for the Ad Hoc fried chicken, only to have gone on the wrong Monday? well lucky me, Lilian suggested addendum for lunch this day and i finally got to try the fried chicken.

3 piece fried chicken, cornbread, corn succotash, potato salad. $20 after tax/tip. it was super flavorful and juicy, perfectly crisp and just right. though i love hot sauce with fried chicken, it wasn't necessary this day.

we next headed to beautiful Cade Winery for wine tasting as well as a tour. this winery is located on Howell Mountain, so it provided for gorgeous views of Napa.

le boys

le girls

next we went to Ladera for another wine tasting. at this point tasting wine became less and less appealing to me because i don't like wine in any shape or form anyhow. i just gave Caroline all of my wine.

we also went to grab a to-go dinner from Rutherford Grill, which we ate at a picnic table at an closed restaurant across from Bouchon. i forgot to take pictures because i could not wait to get up in that. good food, but in my opinion there are better things to eat in Napa. plus, the Hillstone in SF is basically the same food. 

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