Monday, July 25, 2011

trina and justin's wedding

 a few weeks ago Trina and Justin got hitched. it seems like forever that they've been together though sometimes i forget that i knew both of them separately for years prior to their first kiss. Trina, i know from high school, however our friendship can't be summed up by saying "oh we're just hs friends." we are much more than that in my opinion. she's awesome. her interests are plenty (cooking, scrapbooking, reading, UFC, old timey movies, and a few other things i won't mention), she thinks about others before she thinks for herself, she is generous and thoughtful, she can be girly with with gals (Sex and the City and Mary Kate and Ashley) and down with the dudes (UFC), as real a person as can be, and definitely wifey material.

Justin i know through an ex-boyfriend and although my relationship didn't last, Justin and i remained friends. sometimes i feel like it was Trina and Justin's fate that i was in that relationship so that they could meet and thus become husband and wife. how is that for egoism? i digress. somewhere along the line i invited Justin to a bbq at Trina's on July 4th. now the two had met before however either of them had a bf/gf at any given time or were just never that curious about one another. then one Independence Day, at the lake under the sparks of cliche, magical literal fireworks, something changed between the two of them. we all headed back to Trina's house after the fireworks and everybody noticed that they were flirting with each other. what? when? how? i don't think too many people saw it coming but somehow soon after they went to a Giants game just the two of them...and then the movies...and then Gordon Biersch together but with everybody. this particular night i made sure Justin's motives were in the right place. prior to this night i wasn't sure if he wanted to be with her or wanted to have fun with her. my protective side came out and no friend of mine's feelings were going to be played by another friend. he assured me that he really liked her and could see her being his gf and the rest is history.

tucked away somewhere in Fremont is the beautiful Ardenwood Farm, where a few weeks ago they vowed to spend the rest of their lives together. their setting was beautiful and the bride looked amazing.

getting some pics in before the ceremony started....
Kim and Kris, some of my favs.

the boys. Christian, B, Jon, Stefan, Eddie and Martin. 

me and mine

Jess and B

Prior to the ceremony i got to the reception site to help set up the dessert/favor table. their wedding had a lot of DIY involved so before the bride and groom made their way to Ardenwood friends and family were already there setting up the tables, the food, the drinks the favors, the decorations, etc. Kim and i's job was to set up the dessert and cake table, fitting because between the two of us Kim and i made four of the nine desserts. 

the dessert table aka the favor table. nobody actually likes to take home favors from weddings. a coaster with a man and woman's face on it? uhh no thanks. some ugly trinket to display (hell no!!) in your precious space? methinks not!! it was meant to be that everybody grabbed a paper bag and took one of each item to take home as their favor. sounds like a perfect favor to me! edible goodies and with nothing forced into your living rooms for years just to collect dust. 
in one of those round boxes (unpictured) were these strawberry thumbprint cookies that were out of this world!! 

Kim's cute red velvet

Lindsey's crazy good banana bread

my cheesecake lollipops

Kim's maple bacon donut holes

my banana chocolate oatmeal walnut cookies

instead of having a guestbook they had a thumbprint tree. everybody makes a thumbprint leaf and signs their name by it. awesome idea, no?

Justin and his mom

the bridesmaids getting ready to talk. Steph, Tricia and Meiche

Trina with her mom and pops

Ben, their friend and officiate.

Trina looks great but candids aren't always the best for everybody. haha!

lantern centerpiece with paper flowers, painted and made by Trina and Jess i believe. i helped cut out petals!! the little chalkboard displayed table numbers.

le cake. the pair are into UFC so this was fitting. they're in a UFC ring and in the grooms other hand he's  holding a champion belt.

he's not even drunk. he just can't resist the P Titty!!! 


this is Bryli all bundled up for the cold night. i call her Brylerson, which i'm not sure Meiche knows that i do. haha.

this kid was bonkers! now, i don't typically use the word "bonkers," but there's no better way to describe him. this was a dance move. he was all over the place doing crazy dance stuff. awesome and entertaining.

the gals

the fellas

gettin' hyphy

it was a great night. nearly everybody helped to clean up after the party was done. the whole night felt like a community celebration! 

congrats to Trina and Justin! their lives together should be awesome. they obviously love each other very much.


  1. egoism huh? don' worry, sometimes i think if it wasn't for me joining volleyball at skyline, and having a sidekick, that you and exbf wouldn't have talked on AIM on my sidekick and wouldn't have gotten together...meaning trina and justin wouldn't have gotten married. LOL jk...half truth. hahahaha

  2. God damn it! I love you, Regina Choy! How did I just read this 3 years later? I'm such an ass.

    P.S. I think you know who this is? I wasn't tryin' to hit and quit...the whole time!