Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Trina's bachelorette party

this past weekend was Trinaful. her bachelorette party and her wedding were all rolled into one weekend and it was awesome! friday night was her last night of freedom and it is apparently customary to dress the lady of the night in the most ridiculous things. this night Trina was adorned with a yellow feather boa, a veil, flashing ring, and a silver "bride to be" sash that ended up as a belt after it broke and was tied to her. thank goodness we didn't have the traditional penis whistles and flashing penis necklaces. talk about embarrassing! and whether the bride-to-be likes it or not, attention must be put on her, so she obligingly stuck her head out of the SUV limo and shouted the next day's plans, "i'm getting married!!"

a bunch of us in comfy clothes for the first activity. can you guess what we did??

steph and trina being goofs!

kris, trina, steph and meiche. <3

the first part of the bachelorette party was an exotic dancing class. haha!! damn me, i forgot to pack my knee and elbow pads along with my helmet!! and how exactly do you avoid indian burn from a pole?? answer: you don't!! 

check out our instructor. she totally looks like someone you'd expect to be teaching a stripper class, don't you think? i mean the whole go-go dancing librarian thing is hot, right? right? on a serious note, she had no boobs, no ass, the frizziest of hair, and geek glasses, but she could work a pole or a lap better than anybody! plus, if it's dark in a strip club, i'm sure dudes aren't caring all that much. 

oh man, i love this pic!! it's totally staged. steph was all about trying everything and was probably the most gung-ho person we had there that day! lucky Eddie!!

lucky Justin, too! look at them stems!

what a fool.

pretty good, Yee, pretty good!!


no seriously though, our instructor was good!! she taught us how to properly gyrate, booty dance, swing around poles without injuring wrists, etc. of course i'm sure we all could use more practice. i think each person at some point looked stupid. it was all in good fun. 

then on to AsiaSF for tranny fun!! is it okay to be jealous of a dude turned chick? if you don't already know, AsiaSF is a restaurant/show where all the servers and entertainment are transgenders. and not ugly transgenders who look nothing like women. these dudes really look like women. so much so that i'm positive every girl in there had a little hint of jealousy in them. the fake boobs, whatever. anybody can get fake boobs. but those tiny waists and those long slender legs? no amount of exercise or sugery would ever make me look that good!! 

uhh yeah. girls, you're pretty and all, but the AsiaSF girls, hawt! haha

awesome. where is your hand, woman!?!

i can't even picture what this chick looked like as a guy. 

there's kris. she's prettier than the trannies. haha!

my favorite tranny of the night!! she did all these awesome awkward kicking, fighting and punching motions along to music that included lots of "whoopows" and "whacks!" oh and for the record, i was not jealous of this tranny. puh-lease!! 

the ride back

the end.


  1. thanks for the post! :) exciting good times.

  2. Sticking her head out of the limo window and shouting, “I’m getting married!” was absolutely a great way to start the party! You girls definitely had an educational lesson from your instructor based on the compliments she received. I can just imagine how happy you made Trina that day. =)

    Earnestine Novick