Sunday, July 3, 2011

random happenings

i've always seen people man handle giant turkey legs at Disneyland and other various festivals and have never had the desire to try it. i could never understand why anybody would want to get full from eating pounds of turkey meat when there were other various fried things and deliciously crappy foods to eat. one day, at the North Beach Festival, my friend Libby assured me that i would not be disappointed with the turkey leg so i obliged and sunk my teeth into that monstrosity. and whaddayaknow? my life changed!!! it was so smokey good and more tender than i thought. and the bbq'd skin was perfect. it was actually so good that the next day i went to the San Mateo County Fair and got myself another one.

it was so big, we shared it between the three of us.

meet Libby: The Life Changer

check Libby creeping up on Eva.


quite the unflattering photo

Stefan and i went to the Stern Grove Festival, which is free concerts in the park throughout summer. we went to see Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, who notably have worked with Amy Winehouse on her Back to Black album. it was insanely packed and there were people condensed all throughout the trees up the hill. we only stayed for a few songs but i always love going to festivals and things that involve the masses.

meet my brother's Waggly. we were dog sitting that day. this photo cracks me up! he obviously didn't want to be held upside down in a crowd of people with booming music! he looks like the Do Not Want Dog!!



it seems that my life revolves around food. along with eating everything from street tacos to eight course meals, i search recipes and browse constantly. my dvr is filled with most shows food related. i love watching Top Chef, Top Chef: Masters and Top Chef: Just Desserts. is it really any surprise though? during a show they announced that the Top Chef Tour was "coming to a city near you!"

the Top Chef Tour was in town and lucky for me i happened to have the day off. Kim got tickets so that we could sit and taste samples of the food the two chefs made for battle. 

Helen and Kim

essentially the whole event is a 15 minute battle between two past Top Chef contestants. that day it was Fabio from season 5 and Ryan Scott from season 4.  they each have to use a main ingredient and no more than ten other ingredients along with one special ingredient. the main ingredient for the day was salmon. 

Fabio. he's really funny and yes, there is definitely a language barrier. also, just like on the show, he will talk and talk and talk and never answer the initial question. haha

salmon marinated in Red Bull with corn salad and breadcrumbs with pancetta. the addition of Red Bull seemed like an odd choice and i was nervous about it reminding me of a Jaeger bomb as the only time i have Red Bull is whilst drinking (and not because i like Red Bull in the slightest bit). it was good but nothing amazing. i was surprised that the Red Bull really only added a sweetness.

Ryan Scott who is behind the best food truck ever!!!

salmon marinated in tequila and lime with corn, radish and pumpkin seeds. this was really good, as i expected.

both guys schmoozing with the judges

in the end somehow Fabio won, but my vote would have been for Ryan Scott. fun times!! 

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