Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Eugene & Theresa's wedding

on saturday my cousin Eugene made Theresa an official member of our family. i can't say that i've spent a ton of time with her, but i can tell that she's really awesome and super down to earth. and she's cute, so hopefully they make some cute babies for us to play with (which for me means toddlers. if you know me, you know why.) i could not be happier for Eugene and his new wife! he picked a keeper for sure!

my family minus my brother, who i sent out to get me a sandwich. haha!
oh, and you can't tell from this picture, but my grandma's gold chain looks like mardi gras beads with a giant gold coin attached. along with her missing front tooth (which she is so cleverly hiding), the rest of her bling, and that Heineken she was swigging, she was lookin like a pimp! no disrespect, Poh-Poh...it's all in fun! 

instead of a guestbook they had people sign wooden hearts to hang on a tree

the fam.

damn, i was trying to get a good picture of her missing tooth but she wasn't havin' it!! 

my dad with his brothers and sisters! this is a rare type picture and is going into the archives for future generations to see. clearly my dad is the eldest boy evidenced by his Steve Martin-esque white hair. 

Theresa, looking all gorgeous on her big day

they had Frank, the monk, do his thing during the ceremony. yes, his name is actually Frank and he's from Tibet.

tea ceremony. these half bodies you see are my aunt and uncle, the parents of the groom.

mugs inspired by Philz coffee. finally a useful favor!

i'm still baffled about asian men not smiling. c'mon Pops, just crack one!

girl cousins! we owned that dance floor, huh?
myself, Eva, Adrienne, Frances, Jessica and Michelle. 

one of my favorite people in life!
oh, and i pretty much refuse to wear heels for more than a couple hours. it's called i-can't-torture-myself-the-way-you-other-chicks-can.

me and Jerome (Jeremy, but i love calling him Jerome). 
myself and his gf both agree that he should not be wearing a stupid graphic tee underneath his dress shirt. way not cool, Jerome. like...way. 

we. love. you. cheers!
corny! i love corny/cheesy anything!

yay! we snagged the wife for a moment!

lion dance. 

whoa, bro! this is a family affair, y'know...

CONGRATS to Eugene and Theresa!! welcome to the family...we are ecstatic to have you!

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