Friday, February 22, 2013 epic weekend

this past weekend was spent in Tahoe with this mystery man and a bunch of his friends. hmmm...though it's not so much a mystery considering Spiderman (below) forgot that in order to remain incognito he shan't reveal his face. fail, Spidey, major fail. the weekend was dubbed "The Best Ski Trip of Your Life"  or "Epic Ski Weekend" and i can't argue with that. the house was massive and held just about 20 of us comfortably. along with your standard hot tub, there was an indoor pool, wet sauna, dry sauna, movie room (sixteen recliners [16!!!] and a projector), as well as a pool table. pretty kick ass, i think! but a large house doesn't cut it solo. i'd imagine that in order for a trip to be epic it should probably include loads of fun too. i didn't ski or snowboard but i assure you that fun was had. backyard sledding. snowman making. drunken "drink every awkward moment occurrence in American Reunion" movie watching. lots of napping. water basket/volley-ballish gaming. dinner cooking. awesome people meeting. dance partying. and costuming. costuming? what?....yes! costuming..well sorta. each night there was a theme for the drunken portion of the trip. and here is how it went down...

pajama night!
an excuse to finally wear my frog jammies

pirate luau
what the what? i stuck with the pirate thing because i felt it was important for a man to wear the coconut bra/grass skirt getup. you can't tell, but i even have a little birdie on my shoulder. true, it was a finch and not a parrot, but c'mon...i put in the effort to have a bird on my shoulder. bonus points for me (which don't count when you give them to yourself..soo...)! 

white party
it's easy enough to wear white clothing but white mustachios really kick up the outfits just enough to make them awesome! 

if by chance any of you folks i met this weekend are reading this, hello! it was nice to meet you and i hope to see you again! epic weekend it was indeed!!

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  1. Nice post. I would certainly say that the weekend was...well, epic.