Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sons & Daughters

Sons & Daughters has been on my list for a while now but i couldn't find a justification for spending $114 on a single meal without it being a special occasion of some sort. Kim and i decided that we'd splurge for our birthdays (mine in dec and hers early feb) and treat ourselves to a pretentious meal. Sons & Daughters holds one Michelin star and for good reason. the food is presented nicely and is quite thought out in taste and texture. service is on point and the setting is nice with a healthy touch of rustic. but while i enjoyed my meal here, nothing was really outstanding. maybe it's because i've become sort of a food snob and have explored a wide spectrum of taste combinations so my bar has been raised. still, a very good meal. i would absolutely recommend taking someone special for an occasion of some sort.

please excuse the blurry pictures, as my camera is a piece of dung.
amuse bouche: buttermilk crisp with sea grapes (i think that's what he called them) and citrus.
inventive, fun, served on a wooden plank. all good things. 

buckwheat bread
this was stellar. buttery and nutty. 
there were two more bread services with a rye sourdough and a pretzel roll. both very good.

garden egg, buttermilk and spring vegetables
the egg yolk was wrapped in a thin layer of some sort and fried lightly. the yolk was still runny and velvety good.

roasted baby beets with spices a fresh tarragon
while everything seemed very fresh, the spiced were very Indian in flavor and i'm not sure i loved the combination with the beets. texturally this dish worked well though. 

dungeness crab with smoked caviar and apple
light, refreshing, salty, slightly sweet. a good combination of flavors

squab with marcona almond and blood orange
probably the best dish of the night! the breast was cooked perfectly (likely sous vide). the marcona almonds added a nuttiness and saltiness and the citrus balanced it all out. 

New York steak with hedgehog mushrooms and potato mille feuille
a good dish overall.

layers on layers on layers of potato
nicely done, guys!

goat cheese, green onion and caraway ash
with all of the components together, it worked quite well. though the dish could have used a crunch factor

Bergamot curd, grapefruit and meringue
light and refreshing. a nice palate cleanser

white chocolate mousse (mousse-ish thing), geranium ice cream and huckleberry
the geranium ice cream was interesting and quite floral. the sour notes from the huckleberry as well as the addition of salt cut through the sweet of the white chocolate in a complimentary way. 

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