Tuesday, February 26, 2013


because i have nothing to write about, here is my past week in photos.

Muri, Natty and i needed something to spruce up our shared locker at work, so we got Muri's brother to turn us into caricatures so that we may plaster them all over our locker as if it were wallpaper. unsurprisingly (Jarett's a great artist) they turned out pretty well. guess which one i am. 

Fern moved out and into a more lively house (Natty and i are practically never home) so we had our last Roomies Dinner at Scoma's. a last hurrah, if you will. y'know, people swear by Scoma's but i've never had the desire to go. it always seemed sort of outdated. i'm sure the appeal to people is the authenticity and novelty of it's time but for me, it just doesn't cut it food-wise. the food, much like the ambiance is of a different period and remains sort of mediocre. if anything, we had a blast there just soaking up all of the vintage qualities of the place. 

our old time experience
1. the place is covered in wood paneling and old framed images of random old people that we would never be able to guess their claim to fame. this includes a very creepy painting of a man golfing who's eyes were painted in such a way in which it seemed he was always staring straight at  us
2. when they called names over the PA system (you hear that? PA system!!!) all we heard were old timey names. i shit you not, these names were uttered over the overhead system: Pierson, Dot, Gore and Mr. Hagney. Mr. Hagney? are you kidding me? hilarious! 
3. Waiman was our senior citizen chinese server. he was hilarious in that he took our order without writing it down and then a few minutes before we were supposed to get our main meals he came back to make sure he got the right order but had completely forgotten what Natasha ordered. then when we reminded him that it was pesto, he recalled in his heavy chinese accent "oh yes, right. basil and pine nut and olive oil." cute, guy, cute! Waiman provided many more funny stories through the night but i won't bore you with them. you probably had to be there for them to be funny. 

a photo we took and sent to our boss, who was jealous that we were going to Scoma's. he then texted back that we were to be fired unless we brought leftovers for him the following day. he got no leftovers and we are still working. sucka!

went to the grand opening party for the Terracotta Warrior exhibit at the Asian Art Museum. i've always wanted to see the Terracotta Warriors. this was a tiny taste of what's to see in China. they had maybe four of the warriors and two of the horses. i can't wait to physically see the rows upon rows of warriors lining the pits one day. 

took a run down the Embarcadero (my favorite). i had to stop and take this pic when i saw a good photo op. too bad the camera on my phone lacks sharpness qualities. 

went to the Castro Theatre to watch Skyfall. such a lovely theater. beautiful and timeless. this is the ceiling. 

oh! and they've got an organ player that plays before each show. he even played some Bonds songs! 

hmm...this isn't even slightly a good representation of how large and awesome the moon looked this morning. it was so defined and bright. 

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