Monday, February 4, 2013

recent happenings

last week we celebrated my roommate coworker friend Natty's (best terrible nickname ever) birthday. the Super Crew went to Social Kitchen for what seemed like was going to be a pretty tame night. but after rounds of shots magically appeared (i'm blaming you, Edgar) we got to know each other maybe too much (who's your favorite tech? oh, and also what's your number? how the eff did that happen? p.s. we all think you're lying, Tan! good times, friends!

i'm pretty sure it's okay that Ruby photobomb's any of Natgar's pictures considering she's Edgar's favorite.

wtf Tan, your head looks like a shrunken head next to these guys.

Uyen is the reason we ever get kicked out of places due to the high frequency of her voice whilst intoxicated. good thing Ron has the hookup and we'll never get kicked out of there.

Adrian made it! 

coffee crunch cake from Yasukochis. the best! i think she wished for the Niners to win, but that turned out to be a no go. 


saw Muse for the fourth time and they still kick as much ass as the first time. their concerts are like a cracked out, thoughtfully orchestrated light show that blows minds. when i told Kris that she said "clearly you've never been to a rave," which i am happy to say i have indeed not been. and i'm gonna go on a whim and say that the movement and coordination between light, stage and music is much more thought out than that of a rave. aside from that, Matt Bellamy's voice is always on point and oh so very unique. while i'm not loving newer Muse music (although Madness is a pretty great song), the old stuff still ranks among my favorite music. 

hope you all had a good weekend! we didn't win the Super Bowl but that was a hell of a game, right??

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