Monday, February 4, 2013

"we wished upon parallel lines"

"i remember the first time we wished upon parallel lines"- FUN!,  All Alright

i love this! but not in the context of the rest of the song's lyrics. i love this isolated. the idea of two people on the same path or wishing for something in synchronization just emotes a feeling of connection or at least a similar thought process. or maybe they are just in the same place or same situation together and have a mutual understanding of what's going on. it doesn't even have to be about something dramatic. you know how when you think something is uproarious and just at that same moment another person thinks it's just as hysterical? you are drawn to that person as you "hahaha" together and it's almost like a hilarity jinx. and when two people's thought's are exactly the same at that precise moment, you're on parallel lines. and i love it.

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