Thursday, March 15, 2012

74:365 trapped in ATL

74:365 trapped in ATL

yesterday i flew into ATL for a connecting flight to my final destination, New Orleans. after waiting in the plane on the runway for an hour and a half, with a little kid foot kicking me in the back constantly, the captain announced that we were going to exit the plane due to maintenance issues. seriously?? they couldn't have figured something out sooner?? they then offered us meal vouchers (only $6) because they were uncertain about how long we'd be delayed.

i used mine on froyo.

edit: we eventually flew off 3 1/2 hrs after we were supposed to and yes, that kid continued to kick my back the. whole. time! if i weren't in that tiny confined seat i would have drop kicked that dad and then Mortal Kombat punched him the throat real quick. or more accurately i would have done nothing (just like i did) because i'm passive like that. haha

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