Wednesday, March 7, 2012

the boss came out!!

even in high school, when i had (and still have) a group of friends who considered themselves a clique, i always said "the friends you'll have in your future will mostly just be your coworkers." and while i still remain very very good friends many people from high school, i am happy to call my coworkers my true friends as well. if you think about it, you spend most of your awake hours with your coworkers. so it's sort of crucial to your well being that you enjoy the company of the people you work with. 

this night the BOSS came out! Randy, the only male in this picture is our big boss. he's the director of our department and he's the man who has our back. it was sort of shocking that he actually took our request for his attendance seriously. normally he would just brush us off but not this day!!

please excuse my shirt. i knew it was kinda see-through but i didn't realize it was like that. 

clearly someone inebriated took this pic

Muri is pretty incapable of taking a normal picture unless dictated to do so

happy to have the boss there! blurry pics=fun times. 

we got Adrian drunk!!! this is rare and will go down in the books as the time he disappeared to go take a stroll around the block. 

best director EVER

i have no recollection of what's going on here. i am either reciting Shakespeare or making a point (?).

she dropped it low.....and then left without putting down any money. hella slick. she played us. dazzle us with your moves and then leave before we noticed the lack of money on the table. haha jk. (i know you didn't do that on purpose. still, sorta slick though.)

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