Thursday, March 15, 2012

maybe once a year i get to see this lovely face

whoops! i meant to post this a while ago. last week i was fortunate enough to get to hang out with the lovely Doctor Wong (and my favorite Kris as well of course). 

Kris and i joined Leslie for a pub crawl around the mission. it was all sorts of goofy fun. i semi learned the term "heteronormative." actually, quite honestly i still have no idea how the word is supposed to be used because i learned it through the eyes of three Brown alumni and you know their minds are way more geeky than mine ever could be (haha! jk Leslie and friends....sort of). the rest of that night consisted of tons of laughter, a little bit of dancing, a super white honky tonk bar and some pizza. 

the next day i met up with Leslie yet again, but this time with Kim as well. we went to our old stomping grounds (le Bux, or Starbucks to everybody else) and chatted away about our current and past lives. i love it when old friends get together and it's as if nothing has ever changed. i love that when someone is in town s/he will make time for me, and i them, because friendship is a two way street. every time Leslie is in town i can't not see her. she's one of my longest running friendships and even though i was sort of a bitch to her when i was younger, she somehow stuck around. thanks for that, Leslie! i love your friendship! 

twas a fun couple of days having a rowdy fun time with a relaxed day together to follow. 

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