Monday, March 26, 2012

vacation pt. 1: meeting Marcelo

you know that saying "he's so cute i could eat him up?" well that's exactly what's going on here. and please pardon the wet mess of a head of hair i've got in this pic. i'm just sort of too lazy to spend my time blow drying and combing. and not just that day. in a general sense, really. 

i had two weeks of vacation planned and #1 on the agenda was going to Lauderhill, FL to finally meet my first cousin once removed (prior to someone telling me what he technically was considered, i just called him "it." haha. just kidding!). i'd only seen pictures of him via facebook or my aunt (Marcelo's grandma) before making my way to Florida, so i couldn't wait to meet him and see what his personality was like. 

this kid is ridiculously cute....and i'm not really a kid person so you know he's cute. babies to me typically just look like tiny pretend people until they become toddlers that can spit words back and forth with me. but no need with Marcelo. he makes all sorts of cute faces and reactions, but even if he didn't i'd still want to eat him. 

i mean c'mon!! what a cute little monster!

look at that ball of fuzz on top of his head. 

bath time! i was super creepy and wanted to watch him take a bath. i know, it's probably pretty inappropriate.

is that not the cutest thing? i think i'm going to sell this as a stock picture. you'll see him on baby shower cards or something of the like real soon. gonna make some money off this kid's looks. 

in about twelve years he's gonna find this blog and write me hate mail for exposing his "little Celo" online.

he's practicing the smouldering eyes look for the ladies of his future. he's gonna hook a lot of pretty women with those eyes of mystery. 

he can't quite crawl yet so instead he would lift his chest and use his arms to pull him forward just slightly. then he would plop down. good thing he's on a bed or his face might hurt after a while.

feet are so gross, but puppy paws are awesome. Marcelo's feet are probably the only feet i'll ever post on this blog. 

friggin aye what do you do with all that cute?

me and my cuz, Tina. she made the baby. this is our only picture from the trip. whoops! it's okay, Marcelo kinda steals the spotlight anyway. 


  1. I agree! What a cute little boy!! I was "ooooohing" and "ahhhhhing" after every picture... except the one featuring his private parts- that is just wrong! Haha!!

  2. 1st cousin Tina, not removed at allMarch 27, 2012 at 8:21 PM

    i just LOVE that you blog! i wish i had the dedication to do this too! This entry was extra special! I just love the way you word things... and the pics here are just priceless! thank you again for coming out to visit! that really meant a lot to me (and jeff and Celo)! It was so nice to catch up [as adults] and just hang out. Oh yea, and I'm glad you caught up on hella hours of sleep! hahahaha. miss you already. come back sooooon!!!!!