Sunday, March 25, 2012

84:365 you've served me well

84:365 you've served me well

dear Passport, 

we've shared 10 long years full of greatness and adventure together but it's time to move on. we've been to China,  Thailand, Costa Rica, Paris, Italy and Mexico together. all of those experiences were unique and shared with various people. but you and me? we stuck together through it all. unfortunately sometimes you've gotta let go. so i'm sad to say that Cabo was our last adventure. but don't worry, you can hang out with my other ex-passport. and this time it's you, not me. it's not really my fault that you expire. but soon you'll see me with a newer, hopefully more good looking passport. if things go right the new one will have some visible eyebrows and hopefully looks less like a boy. don't be jealous. just be happy for the time we've spent together. 

love, Reg

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