Sunday, March 11, 2012

70:365 Cali-bear

70:365 Cali-bear

i was invited to hang out with Jerilyn, Li and Cali yesterday. went to Cali's Gymboree class and had a blast. the last time i saw her she was just turning one and could barely crawl around. the cutest thing that came from her was when she'd go "mMmmmm" when she saw something delicious (my kinda girl). this time she was running around, climbing on things and, i kid you not, saying things like "rutabaga" and "guacamole." this kid is like 18 months and saying "rhinoceros" and calling me "Gina," which i only let her mom do (it's not my favorite nickname). but because she's so cute, i suppose i'll let her slide. 

slide time!

clearly she's really happy that i'm inhibiting her from running amuck. look at that face. i have that affect on babies.

remember this?? i used to love being under the parachute thing.

this is THE cutest thing. Cali thought she was controlling the cart and pushing it around. aahh i love that kid!

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