Friday, October 5, 2012

am i destined to look like Ms. Swan?


here i present to you a photo of myself at a young age and then a photo of Ms. Swan from MADtv. don't remember Ms. Swan? just check this video. it's hilarious! i grew up watching her every week and laughing my ass off at her Asian antics. 

my cousin sent me this old picture she found of me and the moment i saw this i was dying from laughing so hard. i immediately thought "oh. my. GOD! i look like Ms. Swan!! who decided that a colorfully checkered dress with puffy sleeves would be a good idea?" and let's not ignore the fact that our hair is exactly the same. is this my destiny? am i going to turn out looking like Ms. Swan? are these pictures of Past Me and Future Me? thank goodness for my prime years! Men, it's looking like i've only got a few good years ahead of me, so now is your chance before my smile transitions into that odd open mouthed dumb look. Whoever I Ultimately End Up With, i'm sorry that that's what you're going to have to view for the rest of your life. good thing i'm funny, otherwise i'd feel really badly for you. at least we'll have laughter in our lives. haha!

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