Thursday, October 4, 2012

Martin's West Gastropub

i took my friend/ex-roommate, Gabe, out for dinner to celebrate his completion of the Kaiser radiology program. now he's an x-ray tech too! i'm going to go ahead and give myself all of the credit for being the reason why he even thought to be an x-ray tech in the first place. yep. *takes a bow* anyhow, i took him to Martin's West Gastropub because they have a good selection of share plates and i know Gabe is an adventurous eater, so i wouldn't have to hold back. 

octopus and bean salad
tender, smoky. quite nice. 

watermelon carpaccio with lemon ricotta
they sous vide the watermelon with some salt and other things so it was packed full of flavor! this was the best dish of the night! refreshing, light, creamy. all goodness.

tandoori fries
while they were good fries, they weren't anything too special. 

lamb tongue pastrami butty
oh so very tender. and i've never had lamb as pastrami, much less lamb tongue as pastrami. this was fantastic!

but of course. love brussel sprouts!

bone marrow
aaah bone marrow, my love. fatty and absolutely savory.

banoffee pie
banana cake, toffee, cream. light and a perfect way to end the meal.

hope you enjoyed that meal, Gabe, R.T.!! 

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  1. Quite a rich meal! Looks really hearty and delicious!