Tuesday, October 9, 2012

i've got a date with my honey bear

about a month ago i started to feel odd. just not good. i described it as "weird" to people because i wasn't sure what it was exactly. my voice was cracking and raspier than normal and i felt tired and just not great. but i never get sick. like. ever. typically i get the first signs of sickness such as a slightly sore throat and mild fatigue but it never escalates to a full blown body-aches-dying-in-bed type sickness (though i've experienced that maybe twice in my life). soon after i felt better but my normal voice never came back. i figured i'd just let my immune system take care of it but it's been over a month now and it's still the same. for all i know i'm growing a cyst on my vocal cords like Adele. in her world it's a big deal. in mine, nobody really cares (except me, of course). anyhow, now my throat is sore and i think i could potentially be actually coming down with something. so to remedy that, i've decided to have a date with a honey bear (along with some lemon and warm water). i imagine that over the next few days i'm likely going to finish the whole squeeze bottle of honey and hopefully i'll feel better and my voice will go back to it's lesser version of rasp. but i did the calorie count on that and one bottle of honey is almost a thousand calories! one THOUSAND!! i would prefer to spend one thousand calories on a juicy burger with garlic fries but i suppose a properly functioning vocal box is probably more important.

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