Monday, October 29, 2012

i just want to truly care about somebody

i just want to truly care about somebody. no holds barred. and i want the same back. it's that simple.

except that it's not really that simple.

i can't just place my care on just anybody. and in the same regard, i wouldn't wish for caringness (not an actual word but just go with it mmmkay?)  from just somebody. it'd have to be the right person. it's too bad i hold myself in such high regards. it'd be easy to fulfill the first line of this blog entry if i just didn't give a damn about who i care about, but i reserve my offerings for those deserving of it. i can't carelessly care. if that were the case then nothing holds importance.

i suppose puzzle pieces aren't meant to just be hammered together. that would be too simple.

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