Tuesday, October 23, 2012

introducing Yuna

so the other day my cousin and i went to the Great American Music Hall to see a soulful artist she likes named Allen Stone. he's pretty great. an odd looking white guy with funky taste in clothing and an awesome voice. and while he headlined the show and killed it with the crowd, my favorite act of the night was a Malaysian woman named Yuna. within the first two lyric lines to  her song, Lullabies, i knew i liked her. her voice is so soothing and easy. her music is something i can listen to daily. in fact, it's all i've listened to since i saw her on sunday. also, she's super cute and fashionable. when i went up to her booth to buy the cd, i could tell she was pretty humble and just genuinely happy to be doing what she loves. apparently she's big in Malaysia already but is trying to make it here in America. i'm so in love with her. like seriously. nearly obsessed. how much? obsessed enough that the other day i watched a youtube video of her doing a tutorial on how to put on head wraps in Malaysian. you think i'm kidding, but i'm not. she's amazing. so, please take the time to listen to her music and see if you enjoy her as much as i do.

discovering new music with my "hot shit" cousin

this should make you fall in love with her pretty hard. she does Frank Ocean's Thinkin Bout You.

she also does her own version of Nirvana's Come As You Are.

are you googly eyed yet? well here's one of her own songs. i love it!!! this is Decorate.

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