Saturday, October 13, 2012

how thoughtful...

i woke up this morning to the sun shine rather than a blaring alarm clock. already a good sign that the day is going in the right direction. soon after i went to the mailbox and saw a package for me. even more awesome! getting packages in the mail when i haven't ordered anything online is rare nowadays and makes me feel special. my friend Gabe has always been a fan of my photography, though he's aware that i'm actually pretty inadequate when it comes to using a DSLR. while i can see the image i want to capture in my head, sometimes i can't find the right settings to make it happen with the most clarity or depth or vibrance or whathaveyou. recently he's reiterated that i've got a good eye for it and a few weeks later....voila! a digital photography book comes to my door! how thoughtful, right?

man, do i have some amazing friends and people in my life in general. sure, a digital photography book doesn't seem like a huge deal to most, but to me it's the little things in this world that matter between people. the experiences you share, a mutual moment of intense laughter, or just some genuine thoughtfulness.

thanks, Gabe! that truly made my day!!

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