Friday, October 26, 2012

go ahead and tell me i'm on the bandwagon...

i don't. give a. f*ck!

i can't understand people who hate on people who just want to join in on the fun. is it so bad that people want to feel excited as well? quite honestly i don't give that much a shit about baseball in a general sense. but the fact that there is so much hype surrounding a piece of San Francisco, a city that i absolutely love in it's entirety, it makes me want to cheer them on. sure, i only go to their games on occasion and sure, i only own a Giants jacket and an old t-shirt i was given in high school, but it doesn't mean that i'm not allowed to root for a team that represents the greatest city that ever was. i don't claim them as "my" team or pretend like i even know who each of the players are. seriously, if anything most of my focus is on Brandon Crawford solely because he's the hottest one. but you know what i love? i love the comradery and sense of community this (and 2010's) World Series has brought to the city. i love being around people who are rooting for the same thing or have the same current interest. i love being surrounded by this intense energy!

so, with that said.... Kris and i went early to Lucky Strike to secure a table for us and some friends to watch Game 2 of the World Series. can i just say...that was a lot of f*cking fun! my throat hurts, my liver ain't happy, but damn was that energy amazing! two of two games are ours and it's definitely something to talk about. 

there were more old friends and new friends there this night, but these are the only pictures i have...
kris, me, and natasha

Mickey and myself

"Special Friends"
 one of my most favorite people on this planet!


i love seeing these lights shine bright. it's an indication that for a few specific hours, the people being blinded by them inside that stadium are all there to share an experience (series games or not).


  1. Well freakin' said.

    I <3 Buster!

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