Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sent Sovi

i bought a Bloomspot deal for a 6 course tasting menu ($109 for two people) at Sent Sovi in Saratoga. having already bought the deal without thoroughly looking through the reviews, i wasn't sure what to expect. but after a quick overview on Yelp, i was under the impression that the food would be mediocre. the verdict: the food was good but there wasn't anything that stood out about it. everything was cooked pretty well but there was no wow factor. also, i have a feeling that if they spruced up the ambiance of the place, it might make a difference. when you walk in, you sort of feel like you've walked into your aunt's house to have dinner, i.e., it's homey. ambiance changes everything when you're dining out. overall, it was a decent meal. we left stuffed and fulfilled, though after taxes, gratuity and the bottle of sparkling lemonade we got, the total paid was $167, which i'm not sure this meal was worth (much less had we paid full price without the Bloomspot deal). 

amuse bouche: artichoke with tuna tartar
i don't get the tuna tartar didn't taste like tuna at all. but it wasn't bad.

1st course:  chilled corn soup with crispy pancetta and maple
a little bit too sweet, but overall i liked this. smooth consistency. and i always like sweet and salty combos.

2nd course: dungeness crab salad with caviar and heirloom tomatoes
light, fresh and refreshing. 

3rd course: grilled branzino with kale and parsnips puree
a pretty good dish. 

4th course: lemon granita
slightly bitter, but did it's job as the palate cleanser

5th course: rack of lamb with fried green tomato
very tender lamb. slightly gamy but not a problem. the fried green tomato was really good!

6th course: almond cake with pickled peaches and pepper chantilly cream
this had an amaretto taste to it. the pickled peaches were too sour, likely because they aren't in season.

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