Sunday, January 22, 2012

22:365 squeak free

22:365 squeak free

while today my roommate and i have 15+ people at our place to watch the Niners vs Giants in the playoffs, my photo of the day doesn't reflect that. while it's fun having people over at my house and cooking up a bunch of football appropriate food, something much more important happened today. 

see, for approximately three years now the back doors to my car have squeaked like crazy every time someone opened them. my car is like fourteen years old and by now i could care less how it looks. there's evidence here from one of last years attempts at project 365. a few years ago the seal between the window glass and the car door frame became loose and water would leak in whenever it rained. eventually the hinges in the car rusted and every time it opened it would creak and make the most embarrassing echoing screech. for years many people have said "just get wd-40 and it'll take care of it." but please, when am i ever at a place that sells wd-40? and i don't really think about the squeak of my car until someone rides in the back anyway. i figured eventually someone would feel so bad for my poor car that they'd be willing to bring the wd-40 to me. (haha! lazy, much?) so to my surprise, Doug, came with something similar to wd-40 to save the day! whatever that foamy stuff is worked like butter! there's no more squeak in my car doors! thanks, Doug!! 

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