Tuesday, January 3, 2012

reno on new years day

memories of my childhood are highly saturated with trips to Reno. as some of you may know, asians sort of run the casinos and my parents are no different. any given chance to go to Reno is taken. it was convenient that  Circus Circus was around to entertain my brother and i during those trips. we were given $20 each hour to play the carnival games and win loads of useless toys. and gambling never seemed like a negative thing because my parents would always give us 10% of whatever they won. anyway, my point is that Reno is sort of nostalgic is a way for me.

my parents got some comped rooms and tickets to see Gabriel Iglesias on new years day, so we made our way up for a short trip. i brought Marjie with me. in a short amount of time we hit up a buffet, played some games (and won some stuffed animals for her dog to play with), took a nap, had dinner with my family and saw Gabriel Iglesias.  the next morning we drove home, but not without stopping at the Jelly Belly factory for a tour first. haha.

lookin all crazy. about to attempt getting a chicken in a pot

can you see the fear in the chicken's eye? he's about to become chicken broth.


at some point i won a stupid flower that twists however you want it to. i turned it into a headpiece before trading it for something better.

i was never really a big Gabriel Iglesias fan. i recall thinking that the noises he made were sort of annoying. but in recent times i saw him at the 94.9 Comedy Jam and in Reno, and he was pretty damn hysterical.  my dad got 4th row tickets, so we were front and center. good times!

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