Tuesday, January 10, 2012

just some random thoughts

---i despise cigarettes. but imagine.  it's night. you're driving on the freeway. somebody throws their cigarette butt out of the window. it hits the floor. and sparks fly. damn, does that look like a mini firework or what? i think we can all agree that fireworks are pretty. for that, cigarettes are somewhat tolerable.

---i often avoid eating oranges because peeling them leaves your nails a diseased shade of yellow.

---when eating gummy bears (which is nearly never) i focus mostly on the white and red ones. but on occasion i'll eat a yellow one because i feel bad for them.

---today i saw a woman in a complete hippy getup. long flowing colorful skirt, tie dyed fringed shall, unkempt wavy hair, eating a straight up raw carrot like bugs bunny's with the green part and all. sometimes i wonder if people get so serious about becoming the ideal version of whatever type of person they wish to be that they can't help but take every stereotype and characteristic of that person and adapt their lives to become them. i bet she doesn't even like carrots....

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