Monday, January 30, 2012

birthdays in pictures

----went out for Darrell's birthday. good times. except the birthday boy went home a little past midnight. 

everybody's eyes are closed! so chinese of us.

-----yesterday Tan, Muri and i took Natasha out to dinner at Prospect (yes, the same place i had dinner at on my b-day.) the food was delicious so i figured it'd be a good opportunity to introduce some people to it. 

because when food is good, i can't help but want to take pictures of it:

we shared three appetizers and generously saved some for Tan, who came later in the meal, even though we wanted to finish it ourselves. 
burrata with white truffles, black rice risotto. 

dungeness crab salad

pig trotters, which i found out are pig's feet. meaty and rich. this was my favorite dish of the night.

kubota pork with black rice. (my dish)

steak with mushroom fritters. 

duck with shaved brussel sprouts and duck fat potatoes in a foie gras sauce

seared scallops with black quinoa and roasted cauliflower

caramel cake with salted caramel glaze, bruleed bananas and caramelized banana sorbet

pineapple cream pie with macadamia nuts and cream cheese ice cream

yay! 25!!

-----after dinner with Natasha we headed to Zeitgeist for Dave's birthday. if you haven't been before, then you should know it's a biker bar with a nice open outdoor patio and picnic tables to hang out at. i like the place and i don't mind divey bars, but damn did that music suck. it was straight up some Flogging Molly kinda stuff. good thing i drank enough to stop paying attention to the music.

on describing Zeitgeist to Lorraine via text:
me: it's like super white here
L: like cool white or too white?
me: like too white. like hella beards.

happy birthday Dave!

haha! Muri put on Tan's jacket. it fit her perfectly, except the arms were too short. hahaha!!!

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